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Greenbyte, BluePoint and Power Factors Support Portal users can login with the same set of credentials. This means that:

  • If a user is logged in to one platform, they can also access the others, and

  • If the user resets their password on one platform, it will also be reset for the others.

Signing up for Greenbyte for the first time

Users who have been invited to access Greenbyte for the first time 1 should:

  1. Check their mailbox for an email invitation like the one below and click Accept Invitation:

  2. This will open the Accept your invitation to sign up page, where users can enter a password with the following requirements:

    • At least 8 characters

    • At least 3 of the following:

      • Lower case letters (a-z)

      • Upper case letters (A-Z)

      • Numbers (0-9)

      • Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)

  3. After creating a password, they should click Continue:

  4. They should now be able to access Greenbyte:

1Customers who have already accepted previous invitations to join Greenbyte or BluePoint should follow the instructions described in Signing up for additional domains, or with an existing BluePoint account.

Logging into Greenbyte

The process is the same whether accessing the Greenbyte platform via a web browser or via the Greenbyte Wind and Greenbyte Solar apps.

  1. Users navigating to https://[domain] 2 will be presented with a Welcome screen and asked to enter their Email address before clicking Continue:

  2. This will open a page where users will be asked to Enter Your Password before once again clicking Continue:

  3. Users will then be asked to Verify Your Identity by entering the 6 digit code for BluePoint from their Authenticator app

    • They can also check the option to Remember this device for 30 days

  4. Click Continue:

  5. Users may very briefly see a notification that they are being logged in with SSO…

  6. Before being redirected to Greenbyte:

2 [Domain] is customer-specific.

Signing up for additional domains, or with an existing BluePoint account

The sign up process is slightly different for customers who:

  • already have access to one Greenbyte domain, i.e.,, AND are being granted access another, i.e.,

  • have been asked to sing up for Greenbyte AFTER they have already been granted access to BluePoint.

  1. Check mailbox for a new email invitation and click Accept Invitation:

  2. On the Accept your invitation to sign up page, click Log in 3 instead of entering a password and/or clicking Continue:

  3. This will open the You’ve Been Invited! screen where the user can now enter their existing Greenbyte or BluePoint credentials before clicking Continue:

3Entering a new password and clicking Continue in this case will yield the error message below.

In this case, users should click the Log in link and provide the email address and password that they had previously used to access Greenbyte, BluePoint or the Support Portal.

Additional security with Multifactor Authentication

Customers who have not signed up for BluePoint will be able set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA) once they have logged into Greenbyte.

For detailed instructions, see the article Greenbyte: Enabling MFA.

For specific instructions on how to:

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