Drive O&M: User Account Deactivation User Guide

Last Modified on 2022-12-14 19:06:29 +0100

Salesforce User accounts enable customers to access features activated in their Drive O&M org. The costs associated with Salesforce licenses means that user accounts must be managed carefully – deactivating a User account will free up that license for another User.

How is a User Account Deactivated?

User Accounts can only be deactivated by Customer Power Users or Power Factors Administrators. If you do not have access to Setup, please open a ticket with the following details:

  • Type: Request

  • Platform: Drive O&M

  • Number of users affected: (choose between Few, Many or All)

  • Subject: User Account Deactivation

  • Description: (Names, usernames, and email addresses of users to be deactivated)

Each user has two licenses that are required to access Drive O&M:

  • a Salesforce Platform license, and

  • a Power Factors Drive Package license.

In order to free up both licenses so they can be used by another user, the user must first be deactivated before the Power Factors Drive Package license is removed.


  1. Go to the Setup

  2. Search for “Users” in the Quick Find box

  3. Click on Users

  4. Locate the desired User and click Edit

  5. To deactivate the user account, uncheck the Active checkbox – this will free up the main Salesforce license

  6. Click Save

  7. Scroll down to Manage Packages and remove the Power Factors Drive package from the user.

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