Single Sign On with Drive

Last Modified on 2022-12-20 15:56:51 +0100


Drive and Drive O&M customers with Drive SSO 1 will go through the following steps when they:

  • Login to Drive

  • Choose Log in with Drive 2 when signing into Drive O&M:

  • Choose Continue with Drive on the Power Factors login application when signing into the Power Factors Support Portal:

1 Drive SSO is available to Drive and Drive O&M customers (and Internal Power Factors users) who have been added to a Power Factors Azure Active Directory group.

2This button may have a custom label for some customers. For others, it may log users in via their own Azure Active Directory groups.


  1. Users are asked to enter their credentials and click Next:

  2. They will then be asked to Enter password and click Sign in:

  3. Users will then be given an option to Stay signed in - click Yes. They may also check the box to confirm their choice/skip this step in the future:

  4. They will then be directed to the desired application.

Once a user is logged into Drive, Drive O&M or the Power Factors Support Portal via Drive SSO, they will also be able to access any of these three platforms for the duration of their browser session.

Note that Greenbyte and BluePoint customers use a different Single Sign On method, so while they will be able to access the Support Portal once they are logged into their respective applications, they will not be able to access Drive or Drive O&M.

For more information on how to sign up and login to Greenbyte and BluePoint, see:

To learn how to access the Support Portal via Greenbyte, see Support Portal: Log in with Greenbyte.

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